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Learn about Fitmetrix and how it integrates with Perkville for loyalty, rewards and referrals.

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FitMetrix is an engagement-driven technology platform that provides gym members with the ability to schedule classes, train and receive real-time tracking of effort and performance all in one place. The white-labeled software also supplies gyms with the ability to brand their leaderboards, booking experience and email marketing for a seamless user-friendly experience on the gym’s website and on a customizable app.


Integration Details

Perkville and FitMetrix have partnered to merge fitness technology tracking with rewards programming, providing a mechanism to increase member retention at health clubs. By providing a custom workout experience for members that tracks results in real-time at the gym, as well as an outside via website and branded application experiences, FitMetrix and Perkville are able to tailor the platform for gym owners to better serve their members through gamification and rewarding various milestones.

With the integration of Perkville’s point-based reward system, fitness enthusiasts now have the ability to monitor and reach their performance milestones tracked through the FitMetrix app, while simultaneously achieving various intervals of reward points.

How It Works

Reward points are displayed, accumulated and redeemed all in one place on a gym’s website or app, which is powered by FitMetrix’s white labelled technology. When a member logs into their gym’s app, they can:

  • Track their performance
  • Participate in facility-wide challenges
  • Gain reward points through reaching performance milestones, member referrals, social media mentions, rating their instructors and more
  • Redeem reward points at their gym (i.e.: free sessions, gift certificates, etc.), or at participating local businesses (i.e.: restaurants or shops)
How Businesses Benefit from This Partnership

The integration between Perkville and Fitmetrix not only aids in member engagement, new referrals and overall retention for gyms, but it also boosts morale and engagement for consumers who utilize the system. Business benefit in two major ways:

  • Brand loyalty
  • Gaining brand ambassadors
FitMetrix brings the entire experience to each client's individual website and app, which creates a seamless experience for customers.