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Solution One

Learn about Solution One and how it integrates with Perkville for loyalty, rewards and referrals.

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Solution One Partners is a leading Loyalty solution partner & Rewards program solutions provider in the health club industry. We provide our clients with a turn-key platform for delivering world-class rewards to their members and employees. We offer our clients a wide range of solutions, from our extensive rewards and nationwide fulfillment to sales incentives and customer engagement strategies:

  • Reward & Loyalty Solutions partner
  • Employee Incentives & Engagement
  • Promotions & Sweepstakes
  • Acquisition & Retention Incentives
  • Customer Engagement Strategies
  • Company Branded Procurement and Fulfillment
  • Digital Gift Cards
  • Referral Optimization Programs
Client Benefits

Acquire New Members – Encourage potential members to take action with a wide array of premium incentives to close membership sales.

Retain Current Members – Membership retention is among the biggest challenges faced by health clubs and studios. Solution One has developed innovative and exciting ways to keep members engaged and loyal.

Grow The Business –It’s all about the bottom line. Our programs help clients increase revenue through higher membership sales, lower attrition and improved in-club revenues.

We Know Rewards. With brand name merchandise, prepaid gift cards, top hotels and resorts around the world, sports and concert tickets, movie tickets, local grocery, restaurant deals and more, you’ll find the right reward to motivate your member and grow your business.


Integration Details

S1P's database of rewards will be linked on the members' rewards dashboard.

How It Works

  • Members earn points at their club
  • Members redeem those points for a wide array of awards
  • S1P handles the fulfillment and customer service
  • No technology integration is required by the client
  • With the turn-key platform clients can customize the program and go live in less than one hour.